fresh mango

The Australian mango season has extended over the past decade due to being grown in different regions across Australia.  It starts in the NT runs down the QLD coast and into northern NSW.  Some are now being grown in Mildura (North VIc) for late season mangos.

Now in end Nov, the season  is in full swing and mangos have been in the shops already for the past month.Up to mid November they have been coming from NT.  They were higher priced than normal for early season due to (more…)


It has been described as the 1 in 500 year flood. Whilst our business remained high and dry we were gutted to see so many friends whose businesses and homes where destroyed. Gin Gin alone had approximately 100 homes that were inundated. Of our farming friends we have seen the sugar and citrus industry suffer badly not only around Bundaberg but also the salt of the earth communities of Gayndah and Mundubbera. (more…)


This has been a firm favourite of mine that I have shared with a few but that I am happy to share with all Gin Gin & Dry enthusiasts. Once you have made it you will realise that it is super easy to throw together on a Sunday night after the dishes ready for the working week kids or your own lunch box. Post your comments on facebook. (more…)